Sister Maggie Lupiya

Lupiya_MargaretSister Maggie Lupiya was born in Malawi, Central Africa. After graduating from the Phalombe School of Nursing and Midwifery, she worked at an Anglican hospital. In 1991 she entered our Community. Sister Maggie made First Vows in 1994 and her Final Profession in 1999. Her first mission was to Malawi where she worked as a nurse-midwife at Phalombe Hospital, then taught typing to young girls from poor backgrounds. She also coordinated a life-altering microcredit project for poor widows. After taking community development studies specializing in rural development, Sister Maggie was assigned to Wolisso, Ethiopia, where she was in charge of the Public Health Department of St. Luke’s Hospital. Since 2011 she has been in Kenya, East Africa, serving as our East Africa District Treasurer and a formation team member for Sisters in Temporary Vows. Sister Maggie will be one of four Medical Mission Sisters who will be missioned to Malawi in July, 2015.